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From Baby Boomers to Millennials, the audience for "Nice & Rough: Black Women In Rock" is people who love this music - which includes a cross-generational, multi-racial, and international market. We also have a strong built-in audience.

Nice & Rough positions itself as a music documentary that crosses intersections with African Americans and the rock music genre. One media platform, in particular that brings together this unique intersection is Afropunk. Named after the 2003, cult classic film about Black people who live a punk rock lifestyle, Afropunk became a movement and wields a powerful community and social media presence.

  • 1.9 million Facebook

  • 894,000 Twitter

  • 90,000 Instagram.


In addition, AfroPunk hosts annual music festivals to include annual sold-out concerts in Atlanta, Brooklyn, London, Paris and Johannesburg. Each year they feature an amazing slate that includes Black Women In Rock. 


Partner Jocelyn Cooper reports that through its festivals and online community, Afropunk  reaches 14 million people each week, and offers a window into an influential audience segment that doesn't often show up on most media plans.

In 2016, I established a relationship with Afropunk, to cross-post my 5 Lbs. of Rock column which features interviews with Black Women In Rock. The Nice & Rough marketing plan would include a collaboration with this expansive global community. We believe a vigorous marketing plan directed to this audience will yield strong results, particularly for film attendance, VOD viewership, and soundtrack sales.


Black Women In Rock have spent a great deal of energy cultivating their own fanbase, that enables them to tour internationally and cultivate long-term careers as rockers. Many of our featured artists have a formidable social media reach. Their social media influence provides another point of contact for targeted marketing - with followings ranging from 5,000 - over 750,000.