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Guitar Gabby, TXLips



"You’ve never seen black women like this. You’ve never heard rock music like this."

-Sheila Dianne Jackson, Director

CALLED TO ROCK! introduces the beautiful, bold, outrageous, unapologetic black women who, despite what anyone thinks, are called to rock.


This series reveals the personal stories, defining moments, wild adventures, and powerful music of black women in rock. We also meet their fans and get a glimpse into underground music scenes around the world. 

Using archival and performance footage, fan accounts, and candid artist interviews, each episode is an unforgettable, intimate portrait. Viewers will see what happens when these artists break the cultural code of what a black woman is supposed to do or be, and breaks all the rules that surround concepts of beauty, sexuality, and self-expression.


In each episode, these very unique musical artists show what it means to be unstoppable, in a genre that denies your very existence. 


There is no predecessor to this series, that exposes the stories of women whose existence has never been acknowledged or reflected in mainstream media - women have boldly created their own path with this music that is more than a genre. It’s a  way of life!

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