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The Series

Is it possible to achieve success in an industry that denies your very existence? Black Women In Rock have challenged that question for decades. They have been alienated from the mainstream rock scene, since Elvis co-opted Big Mama Thornton’s ‘Hound Dog.’ Today, we live in a miseducated culture with selective memory,  that has forgotten the true Black and female roots of rock n’ roll.


With a host like Willow Smith, whose rock band opened for Afro-Punk festival in Paris, this year or rocker-actress Zoe Kravitz, of Lola Wolf, this series will reveal the underground music scenes of Black Women In Rock that emerged despite alienation from the mainstream. 


Through intimate, candid testimony and rock music, we will share the untold story of the women who are unwilling to conform to anyone’s standard, but their own; the women who remain a defining element of the sound that we all know as rock n’ roll.                             


Viewers will see what happens when these artists break the cultural code of what a black woman is supposed to do or be, and break all the rules that surround concepts of beauty, sexuality, and self-expression.


Black women have boldly created their own path with this music that is more than a genre. It’s a  way of life.

Divinity Roxx


"You’ve never seen black women like this. You’ve never heard rock music like this."

-Sheila Dianne Jackson, Director