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SEASON 1 Featured ARTists

episode 1


Los Angeles

Divinity Roxx "Ghetto Rock" is a fusion of hip-hop and hard rock. Before striking out on her own, this Grammy-nominated bassist, was a featured artist and  served as a Musical Director of The Beyoncé Experience and I AM Sasha Fierce.

"When I perform rock, there are no limitations. I can do whatever I want. I can go and lick someone's face and everybody's going to scream. I can roll around on the ground and kick....It's just liberating."

-Divinity Roxx

episode 2
"Rock Ballerina"
London - Seattle

Singer-Songwriter, Kimberly Nichole broke barriers and exploded on the national scene on season 8 of The Voice - the first to compete as a black woman in rock. The avant-rock-n-roll artist made her Broadway debut in Rocktopia, and now lives in London performing and creating.

“...a superhero hybrid of Aretha Franklin’s vocals with Bono’s stage presence…”

- Rolling Stone

episode 3

Tamar Kali

New York

One of the first contemporary, indie black women in rock I became intrigued with was Tamar-Kali.  A featured artist in the cult classic film, Afro-Punk, her music has been featured in Dee Rees' Pariah and she served as composer for the Oscar-nominated, Mudbound. She has power, depth, and swagger that is heart-wrenchingly genuine and unforgettable. 

"...we need to embrace independence and not even imagine ourselves in the box of limitations the industry provides.”​

-Tamar Kali

episode 4

Brittany Howard

Los Angeles


Like many black women in rock, Brittany Howard is a triple threat - singer, songwriter, and musician. She is a four-time Grammy-Award winner as lead vocalist and guitarist for Alabama Shakes. She has also rocked as the lead for bands, Bermuda Triangle and Thunderbitch. Brittany made her solo artist debut last year and continues to push the boundaries of vocals and sound.

"I was a strange kid. I'm still strange. People didn't't get me. And I didn't expect them to.”​

-Brittany Howard

episode 5

Malina Moye

Los Angeles


Flipping a Fender Stratocaster upside-down, lefty guitarist Malina Moye is a gumbo of charisma, fire, funk, rock and soul. She was the first female guitarist to join the Experience Hendrix Tour and made history as the first black woman to play the National Anthem on guitar at a professional sporting event. 

"My father kept trying to get me to play my guitar right-handed. But every time he would leave the room, I would flip it upside-down. It just felt right. He said, 'Well you know what Malina, that’s crazy but Jimi Hendrix plays this way.'”​

-Malina Moye

episode 6

State of SATE



Toronto-based artist, SATE went from touring as a background singer for other artists to touring 5 of the 7 continents with her own band, playing to crowds over 100,000. Her music is loaded with powerful messages that take you from anger, to joy, to vulnerability. Her soul-shaking performances have quickly built SATE’s reputation as an artist not to be ignored. 

". . .I love seeing, 

hearing women wail, growl, own their sexuality/their

bodies and kick ass unapologetically.'”​


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