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Over the years, I have cultivated relationships and filmed interviews with Black Women in Rock, and laid the groundwork for a topic some did not believe exists. It has taken this journey to shape the look, feel, and story that Nice & Rough will tell. Now with a strong, fully informed vision we are ready to begin production.




When I first began this project, every time I interviewed a black woman in rock, I would ask her to guess how many others are out there. Their numbers would range from 0 - 25. Never higher.  These women had no clue of the rich community that exists around them. Their image is almost never reflected in mainstream media.  


At a conference on 'Women Who Rock,' it was shared that trauma occurs when your experience is not reflected in your environment.  With that in mind, Nice & Rough is a celebration that’s long overdue.

“Nice & Rough: Black Women In Rock” is registered with The Writer’s Guild of America. 

WGA Registration #: 1422350