Black Women In Rock


The goal of Black Women In Rock is to perform the music they love, and for it to be lucrative enough to be supported by their work. Their journey has made them unapologetic and more appreciative of the power, artistry, and community they have cultivated on their own. 


Thirty years after Tina won her first Grammy, only a handful of Black Women In Rock have emerged in mainstream spaces. They include: Brittany Howard, of Alabama Shakes, who in 2016 won Grammy gold for “Best Rock Performance” and “Best Rock Song;” Malina Moye, the first woman invited to join The Hendrix Experience world tour, and is now considered among the top 10 guitarists the world; and Kimberly Nicole, the “Rock Ballerina” who set fire to the stage as the first Black Woman In Rock on ‘The Voice,’ making it into the prestigious top 10. You can now find her on Broadway starring in Rocktopia. And, Def Jam records signed their first black female rock artist, Troi Irons. How many is that? Four? 


Yet there are literally hundreds of Black Women In Rock. Don't be fooled by their absence on your radio. These women are a  driving force behind underground rock music scenes around the world.


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